Seeding / Retail Loyalty

Send devices or promotional products to key people.

Get your products in the hands of front-line sales people.

  • Unique kitting for each recipient

    Shipments can include as many or as few items for each recipient as you want. We update software, load custom apps, and can include accessories, marketing inserts, and documentation, as well as shirts or other promotional items.

  • From spreadsheet to delivery

    Give us a spreadsheet of names and addresses. We'll turn those into orders and shipments, and our shipping ninjas will get the products into people's hands quickly.

  • Address validation for deliverability

    We validate addresses through multiple databases before shipment, so you don't end up with frustrated recipients and undeliverable packages.

  • Detailed tracking of all items

    You'll know exactly where each unit is, including undeliverables, and why.

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